Printing Charges

Total Print Quantity on Order

Price Per Item

Up to 100 units


Up to 250 units


Up to 500 units


Up to 1000 units


1000+ units


Print Setup Charges



Print Setup Charges (per box or die change)


Standard Die/Block Charge 


Multiple Die/Block Charge


All new artwork to be printed requires a Die/Block to be made at a cost of £40.00 , If multiple sizes of logos are required then the cost will be £75.00, on repeat jobs there is no charge. Die charges are not refundable if the order does not go ahead. Prices above are applicable to bags, boxes, pouches and all custom printable items sold. The above prices are based on one print in one position per item. There is a maximum number of 2 prints per item. Per item printing charges are based on total items on order and can be made up by separate styles and models. Minimum order quantity for print is 100pcs or nearest to it by pack size, except wooden boxes which will be 25pcs. For all orders under the minimum quantity there will be a surcharge of £50.